2021 Purdue Agronomy e-Learning Academy

Advancing Agronomic Learning
Four Courses from Purdue Agronomy e-Learning Academy
Whether you want to sharpen your skills or fortify your fundamentals, Purdue Agronomy e-Learning Academy offers award-winning online 12-week courses to advance your agronomic knowledge on your own time schedule.
Courses are offered three times a year accessible 24/7 via computer, tablet, or mobile device.
Agronomy Essentials
This 26-module course provides a basic knowledge of agronomy. Learners advance their understanding of management challenges of crop production.
Precision Agriculture
Professionals enrolled in Precision Agriculture gain current knowledge of precision agriculture tools, technology, and techniques help them understand and manage the challenges of crop production.
Nutrient Management
Managing crop nutrients is complex. Greater knowledge of these factors can improve decision-making, improve crop health, yields, and environmental impact, and reduce production expenses.
Agronomy Essentials and Agronomy Essentials Europe.
These 26-module courses include: field preparation, plant nutrition, soil fertility, crop and variety selection, crop growth and development, diagnostics, crop protection, pest management, harvesting, and marketing the crop. Successful completion earns a certificate and 25 Certified Crop Adviser continuing education units (CEUs).
Precision Agriculture.
Topics include global positioning systems, differential correction, sensors, soil and water spatial variability, crop spatial variability, geographic information systems, automation, data analysis, telematics, etc. Successful completion earns a Certificate of Completion & 18 Certified Crop Adviser CEUs.
Nutrient Management.
Topics include N, P, K application timing, fertilizer recommen- dations and economics — employing the 4R principles. Successful completion earns a Certificate of Completion & 24 Certified Crop Adviser CEUs.
Designer & Instructor - Bruce Erickson, PhD, CPAg
Bruce Erickson, PhD, is Purdue University’s Agronomy Education Distance and Outreach Director. Dr. Erickson combines his vast knowl- edge of agronomy with his extensive experience in distance learning to bring award-winning courses that prove valu- able to professionals and students.
Courses are offered three times a year accessible 24/7 via computer, tablet, or mobile device.
To learn more about each course and the start date for the next sessions, visit www.ag.purdue.edu/agry/ADE. Information is also available by calling 765-496-0346 or by email at elearn@purdue.edu.

Indiana CCA Scholarship

The recipients of the Indiana CCA Scholarship for the 2019-2020 academic year:
Name Hometown Program School
Gabriel Flaningam South Knox, IN   Vincennes
Keaton Cheesewright Dana, IN Agricultural Economics Purdue
Larissa Johnson Lagro, IN   Purdue
Sierrah Love Winchester, IN Agricultural Sales and Marketing Purdue
Peyton Mohler Frankfort, IN Farm Management Purdue
Hannah Ritter   Entomology Purdue
Jacob Stephan Lagro, IN   Purdue