Indiana CCA Conference 2018 Presentation



Nutrient Management
Wed, Dec 19, 2018
8:00am to 8:50am


Nutrient Management
Wed, Dec 19, 2018
1:00pm to 1:50pm


Modern equipment has given corn farmers more alternatives for timing and placement of nutrients. Fertilizer placement matters in a successful corn production system, but the way in which it matters to corn plant performance is not always clear. In this presentation, I will focus on pre-plant placement options for potassium (K) in strip-till, no-till and conventional tillage based on our recent research, and on a new study involving in-season broadcast K application. I will also discuss our research on N placement at planting (i.e. depth and displacement of N bands from the seed furrow), at early sidedress, and at late sidedress. This talk will highlight some of the controlling mechanisms that determine corn plant response to specific N and K placements.


Tony Vyn

Purdue University