Indiana CCA Conference 2020 Presentation

Digital agriculture continues to rapidly evolve globally. Currently, there are over 150, commercial digital technology offerings in North America with these technologies requiring access to farmer data to provide information and services back to the farm operation.  At the same time, agriculture technology is advancing in particular for the application of nutrients and other inputs.  This presentation will cover current agriculture technologies and how they provide farmers contemporary approaches for the placement of inputs, in particular nutrients.  Further, survey results will be shared on the adoption of digital technologies by US farmers along with challenges they face on creating value back to the farm.


John Fulton

Associate Professor
The Ohio State University

John is a Professor in the Food, Agriculture and Biological Engineering Department at the Ohio State University (OSU).  His research and extension focuses on precision agriculture, machinery automation and use of spatial data to improve crop production and the farm business.  He helps lead the Digital Program at Ohio State University that includes the OSU eFields on-farm research network.