Indiana CCA Conference 2020 Presentation

Session will discuss current findings on linkage of nutrients losses at edge of field to water quality impacts. Results will include discussion of 4R Nutrient Stewardship and other edge of field practices. Participants will have a better understanding of some agronomic and landscape features that impact nutrient losses and potential conservation practices to mitigate these losses.


Greg LaBarge

OSU Extension Agronomy Field Specialist
The Ohio State University

Greg LaBarge is a Field Specialist, Agronomic Systems and Professor with Ohio State University Extension since 2012. Greg began his Extension career as Extension Educator in Fulton County for 25 years. His area of focus included nutrient management impacts on crop production and water quality. He has represented the College of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences and OSU Extension at various nutrient management/water quality related events and committees. He has served on the Ohio Phosphorus Task Force-Phase 2, board of the 4R Certified Ag Retailer Program and many other committees incorporating agronomic production and water quality expertise.