Indiana CCA Conference 2020 Presentation

Nitrogen fertilization is critical to maximize corn productivity and replace nitrogen removed during harvest. Because nitrogen fertilizer inputs increase corn growth and residue return to the soil, agronomic optimum nitrogen fertilizer inputs help to sustain or increase soil organic matter over time, which may improve soil functioning. In this session, we will discuss how nitrogen fertilizer inputs affect soil organic matter levels, soil productivity, and fertilizer N recovery in continuous corn and corn-soybean systems.


Hanna Poffenbarger

Assistant Professor of Soil Nutrient Management
University of Kentucky

Dr. Hanna Poffenbarger is an Assistant Professor of Soil Nutrient Management in the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences at University of Kentucky. Her research applies principles of agronomy, ecology, and biogeochemistry to investigate interactions between agricultural management and nutrient cycling using laboratory, greenhouse, and field experiments. She also teaches soil nutrient management to undergraduate and graduate students. Originally from Frederick, MD, she attended University of Maryland and Iowa State University, and has called Kentucky home since 2018.