Indiana CCA Conference 2020 Presentation

No-till planting soybean into rolled-crimped cover crops can be an effective strategy for improving soil health and reducing labor and fuel requirements, but it is important to use a systems approach and adaptive management. Participants will learn about cultural management practices and new tools that can be used to optimize production. New research on no-till planting winter wheat into rolled cover crops and the possibility of extended sequences of no-till crops will also be discussed. 


Matthew Ryan

Cornell University

Matthew Ryan is an Associate Professor in the School of Integrative Plant Science at Cornell University. He conducts research on sustainable cropping systems, and works with farmers, extension educators, and researchers to develop solutions to problems in agriculture. Replacing external inputs with ecological processes and more fully utilizing biotic interactions is a central theme. Matthew explores the use of crop rotation, cover crops, and intercropping to diversify cropping systems, regenerate soil health, enhance biodiversity, suppress weeds and other pests, and increase resilience to climate change.