Dr. Sotirios Archontoulis

Assistant Professor
Iowa State University

Sotirios Archontoulis is an assistant professor of integrated cropping systems at Iowa State University, Department of Agronomy. He completed his Ph.D. and MS in crop science and crop modeling at Wageningen University, the Netherlands and his postdoc research in cropping systems modeling at Iowa State University. Archontoulis’s research combines field-lab experimentation with simulation process-based models with the goal to improve production and environmental performance of various cropping systems with particular emphasis on corn and soybean crops growing in the US Midwest. His current research focus on identifying land use and management practices that can increase the efficiency of the system by means of increasing crop yields and simultaneously decreasing inputs or losses from the system. He is interested in deeper understanding the complex Genotype x Management x Environment interactions, adding mechanisms into models, and develop web-tools to disseminate research results in real-time to stakeholders.